Who we are?

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At the age of 18, I arrived in Kampala city for greener pastures having dropped out of school due to an avoidable circumstances, did a lot of odd jobs to push myself through school but with no progress, then one beautiful day, I visited a backpackers in search of a job, luckily the boss was in, with a pacing heart beat I asked for an opportunity to work for him and he boldly told me to first go home and grow then I would come back and try with him some other time, of course the next week I was back, just told him, “I have grown and I really need something to do….” he laughed his lungs out and immediately enrolled me

With him, my tour guiding career started, I went on to work with bigger operators both national and international as both a guide and tour leader, the sky was the limit at this point in my career, step by step I progressed in this field of tourism and being a female was a special bonus,  it was very rare in Uganda because it was considered as  a “man’s field” according to culture. I have been proudly showing so many tourists my beautiful Uganda since 2005, I have had the opportunity to reach the inner most spectacular attractions my Uganda has to offer to tourists.

But being  just a guide was not enough, I wanted to be a driver guide but no operator would trust me enough to drive their clients because Iam a woman, that explains why no female guides were in the field fulfilling their dreams, we were limited  by culture.

That’s when Bella Africa Safaris was born, with all the experience I had attained from the leading operators in the country, I decided to put all my effort in giving my clients the very best of a safari experience in East Africa. And ofcourse because I have all the capacity, for the first time in the history of the tourism of Uganda, Bella Africa safaris decided to hold a nationwide campaign to give determined women an opportunity to be female driver guides.  I was so overwhelmed with the amount of young and energetic women who came up to show interest and  ready to sweep this nation with motherly service in the tourism industry.

We are now training and employing the female guides to take on the wheels and do what was considered to be for only males. It’s a new dawn in the tourism industry to see more and more vigilant female guides. For me this is a dream come true, am happy to leave behind such a legacy.

At Bella Africa safaris, we work as a team to make sure we give excellent professional, memorable safaris to our dear clients  who work so hard and are looking for a safari holiday to get some time away from work and just relax and fill welcomed and well taken care of in our nature packed people loving nation.